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Welcome to nCounters

nCounters is a Melbourne based Australian company that develops, designs and manufactures innovative electronic rehabilitation products.

Our latest products are the next generation in movement biofeedback:

How we design for Biofeedback:

Studies have found that it is easier to influence users by addressing specific rather than general behaviours such as weight shift when walking or standing because each behaviour has its own reasons and constraints. Similarly effective feedback should be actionable, demonstrating a way to fill the gap between current and desired actions. Our designs give feedback to the user of specific behaviours and profile so the goal is kept constantly clear to the user and medical staff / therapist who can provide instructions for how to achieve the goal.

Features of the system:

Studies have shown that this form of biofeedback will assist patients to reach

their treatment goals in significantly less time.

Industry Associations

Either nCounters or Managing Director, Peter Barrett is a member of the following organisations: